The Vagle Brothers

From the northwestern reaches of Minnesota, and the thriving metropolis of Karlstad (population approx. 700), comes a quartet of real, honest to goodness, brothers who love to sing. Nearly a century ago, their great-grandparents, Simon and Anna Johnson, were an active part of the Pentecostal movement in America as they met in homes and conducted tent revival meetings in northern Minnesota. Music was an integral part of those services, but much of the music of those days is no longer sung today. That music has been passed on through the years through the family until now, as great-grandsons of Simon and Anna, the Vagle Brothers continue the family tradition of singing the songs they learned at their hometown church in Karlstad. Their parents worked hard to get each of the boys off the farm to further their education. Royle, Neil, Mark and Tim each graduated from Evangel University in the 1960's and 70's. They are grateful for the prayers and investment of their parents as well as the great musical heritage they passed on to them.

Until only recently, the Vagle Brothers had sung together at just a handful of family events. Encouraged by the family to preserve their musical heritage, the Vagle Brothers recorded their first CD in 2006. It was meant to be just a record and remembrance for the family, but through friends and further requests for their CD, it became obvious that there was a wider audience for the music. In October 2007, the Vagle Brothers were honored to sing at the homecoming for Evangel University, their alma mater. From there, they were encouraged to record another CD and continue to get together to share their musical talents with an even wider audience through appearances at conferences and ministry during worship services.

They've come a long way from the cassette recorder in the middle of the table as their mother ordered them to sing! Their love of music and family is what carries them to continue to share their music with others. Music brought their family together and continues to reach across the years and miles for other families as well. A portion of all proceeds from the sales of their CD's is donated in support of family members serving in ministry throughout the world.

About The Family

Being full-blooded Norwegians, the Vagle Brothers have hesitated, made apologetic excuses and then done what their mother told them to do - SING!

This picture was taken in 1964 in celebration of Roy and Irene Vagle's 25th wedding anniversary.