"Through it All" - what a theme to describe the journeys each of us take as we spend our brief moments on this earth! The Vagle Brothers story begins with our great-grandfather, a rugged fisherman from Norway, who had a life-changing conversion experience in the late 1800s. Soon thereafter he journeyed to America with his wife and very young son to begin a new life, taming the tall prairie grasses, woods and willows, and surviving the cold northern Minnesota winters, homesteading land still farmed by fourth and fifth generation family members.

"Through it All" our ancestors became key figures in bringing the Pentecostal message to Northern Minnesota, travelling by horse and buggy to tent meetings and homes, always sharing the gospel message to everyone with whom they came in contact. Now in a third century, that message has transformed lives for generations. Today many of these descendants are pastors and missionaries sharing the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ, all over the world.

A portion of the proceeds from Vagle Brothers music supports the ministries of these family members as they continue the legacy passed on to us. "Through it All" at the end of our time on earth, we hope and pray that we have been faithful in carrying out this precious legacy. May this music bless and encourage you on your spiritual journey.

Classics    Recorded in 2015
CD4 1. Revive us again
2. I met the master
3. Jesus got a hold of my life
4. I just feel like something good
5. I have decided to follow Jesus
6. Wonderful grace of Jesus
7. Just a closer walk with thee
8. What a day that will bel
9. When the saints/Do Lord
10. Listen to your children praying
11. Sometimes Allelujah
12. I know who holds tomorrow
13. Revive us again (Reprise)

Through It All    Recorded in 2010
CD3 1. Through It All
2. Bread on the Water
3. How Long Has It Been
4. Every Time I Feel the Spirit
5. Old Country Church
6. Leave Your Heavy Burden at the Cross
7. My Jesus I Love Thee Medley
8. Search Me Lord
9. The Cross of Jesus Medley
10. Just a Little Talk With Jesus
11. The Old Rugged Cross Made the Difference
12. Near to the Heart of God/Peace Peace
13. Sinner Saved by Grace

In the Spirit of the Lord    Recorded in 2008
CD2 1. My Lord and I
2. Great Big Wonderful God
3. Sweet, Sweet Spirit
4. In His Presence
5. The Longer I Serve Him
6. When We All Get Together
7. Names Medley
8. Yes, I Know
9. The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power
10. The Love of God
11. There is a River
12. Holy, Holy, Holy

"Ya, can they sing then?"    Recorded in 2006
The Vagle Brothers 1. I Believe
2. He Touched Me
3. Goodbye World Goodbye
4. Children of the Heavenly Father
5. Hide Thou Me
6. I Believe in a Hill Called Mount Calvary
7. Gentle Shepherd
8. Great is Thy Faithfulness
9. It is Well
10. How Great Thou Art
11. The King is Coming

If you would like to order any of our CDs, send an email to RMVagle@cox.net Provide us with your name, address, phone number, and email address, and which CDs you wish to purchase and we will contact you. The cost is $10 for each CD, $3 each for shipping, handling, packaging ... or if you know one of the Vagle Brothers you may be able to talk him into delivering it to you!

We are particularly appreciative of the assistance provided by Jeff and Sue Duffield. Jeff arranged the music for and produced each of our CDs, Sue did the artwork on the first two. Without their assistance these CDs would not have happened. They made four old Norwegian boys sound pretty good!

Contact Jeff and Sue through their website www.duffieldmusic.com

About The Family

Mom said Sing!Being full-blooded Norwegians, the Vagle Brothers have hesitated, made apologetic excuses and then done what their mother told them to do - SING!

Take a minute and listen to some classic music we grew up singing in church - Vagle Brothers style!

If you'd like to purchase copies of these CD's, send an email to RMVagle@cox.net

We firmly believe that music impacts the soul. That's why we use music as the tool for Hope, Faith and Connection for those who are dealing with dementia, Alzheimer's and other memory related issues. 

The  Vagle Brothers recently produced a CD titled, "Music Is God's Gift". Videos with lyrics to many of the old, familiar hymns included are available on their YouTube channel.