What people are saying . . .

I am interested in purchasing your "Classics" recording. I first heard your singing group on Majesty Radio, a Moody Radio network. I have been richly blessed through your ministry

Thanks for sharing your music ministry with us at Lake Geneva Family Camp. You have a unique anointing and we greatly enjoyed your ministry.
--Clarence W. St. John, District Superintendent
Minnesota District Council Assemblies of God

Thanks so much for coming to sing First United Methodist Loveland CO. You were "pitch perfect" in both our traditional and contemporary services. I received the CDs you mailed (since you had sold out all you brought here) and they are great. To paraphrase one of your albums, "Ya, They can sing!" We'd love to have you back. May God continue to bless your ministry.
--Pastor Brian Riecke
First United Methodist Church, Loveland CO

Thank you for your wonderful ministry at our national convention. The feedback was very positive. You were all a blessing and our people enjoyed your ministry. God bless you all.
--Jerry Bell, Nat’l Director USMAPS RV Volunteers

What a delight it was for us to have The Vagle Brothers at our Southern Gospel Worship Gathering in Tulsa. After their performance, we had numerous audience requests to have them back. Their choice of music, talented singers and the anointing of God made it an unforgettable event. Ted Robertson, my co-host and I look forward to having The Vagle Brothers with us again in the near future.
--Peter Enns

Dear Brothers in the Lord,
I cannot begin to describe how your music blessed me Sunday night. Thank you so very much for continuing to bless people with such fine music. May God bless you my brothers. Maybe after we all get to heaven, and God gives me a voice, you'll let me sing with you.
Blessings, Mike

I'm so happy the Vagle boys went to the work of producing another CD. What an unexpected ministry you have! God is just full of surprises, isn't He? "I know the plans for you, plans to prosper you, to bless you, and make you a blessing..." (Jewell's version). Your music is playing right now. Blessings on you for making this music available to our family.
Sincerely, Jewell and LeRoy

Subject: I LOVE the CD!!!
WOW! This is great! Most of these songs are among my lifetime favorites!--deeply meaningful spiritual messages and soothing melodies!! Thanks for recording and for sending us a copy. I'm listening as I grade papers for our M & F Class. This will be a great way to begin each day while fixing breakfast.
Tell your brothers how great I find this, I hope MANY others are equally blessed.

What a blessing your two CDs have been as I have traveled! Best twenty bucks I've ever spent! I crank the sound up full blast and sing along until the tears flow and I have to watch where I'm driving. You are a great friend over all these years. Next time you visit Tulsa, you've got to touch base with me, too.
Gratefully, Milt

Subject: Christmas came early
Today when I was rushing around coming home from work and then rushing out to my Chiropractor, I stopped to check my mail. There was your CD. What a pleasant surprise!

I listened to it all the way there and all the way back and it soothed my soul. The guitar intro at the beginning brought Mike to my side and we listened together. Thank you for thinking of me.

Thank you friend. D

Royle: The CDs arrived yesterday. I quickly loaded them onto my computer, then took them outside and put them in my car's CD player. Now the Vagle Brothers quartet has become a quintet, at least when no one else is around to hear me. I love the songs you've recorded and seem to remember almost all the words, despite my advanced age and diminished mental capacity. Thanks to all of you for taking the time and effort to record these inspirational songs, and to do it so well!

Hi! Corrine was in Florida in February and she brought your new CD to listen to....I love it! I listen to your first CD every night as I lay in bed...it just touches and encourages me. Makes me realize what a wonder heritage we had with singing all of the wonderful old hymns etc. You just don't hear those songs anymore. I would like to purchase five of your CD's.

Last night during the severe storm I was very afraid. I began to play your CD and it brought me peace.

About The Family

Mom said Sing!Being full-blooded Norwegians, the Vagle Brothers have hesitated, made apologetic excuses and then done what their mother told them to do - SING!

The response to our music has been humbling. Some people listen while driving to keep them awake, others play it at night and it puts them to sleep. Please share your stories with us!