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From the northwestern reaches of Minnesota, and the thriving metropolis of Karlstad (population approx. 700), comes a quartet of brothers who love to sing. Their approach to gospel music is not limited to traditional southern gospel quartet music, but takes full advantage of their relationship as brothers in the distinct blends and harmonies unique to family members. Though in Minnesota they have only two seasons - winter and the Fourth of July - that never cooled their large, extended family's love of performing. Like other family members who recorded music of their generation, these real, honest to goodness brothers are pleased to present music that reflects their priceless Christian heritage.

The Vagle Brothers each attended Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri between 1959 and 1975. Since then, each of the brothers has continued to be active in musical endeavors. Though they live far apart now - Royle in Oklahoma, Neil in northern Minnesota, Mark in the Minneapolis area, and Tim in southwest Michigan - they sing together as often as possible. Between appearances, they continue to make their marks on the world - in music, education, business, and local government management.

About The Family

Being full-blooded Norwegians, the Vagle Brothers have hesitated, made apologetic excuses and then done what their mother told them to do - SING!

Thanks for visiting our website. We are blessed to be part of a wonderful family and are honored to share music that reflects our love for and relationship with God.